Daniel Starling

Full-stack developer: Ruby on Rails, DevOps, product/team building. Based in Portland, OR.

I'm a technology-agnostic software developer that uses the right tool for the job.

I love jumping in to projects that need a bit of extra help in the establishment of best-practices (code reviews, QA, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Clean Code), and/or those that need help focusing on Agile-driven software delivery. I've led, or have been a primary contributor to, projects in finance, API architecture, and education technology. I enjoy solving difficult technical problems, and excel as a back-end developer. Even then, I know there's always more to learn, and so always seek out every opportunity to pick up more!

In my free time, I'm a hiker (the steeper the mountain, the better), a wanderer/explorer of National Forest roads, and an amateur radio enthusiast (APRS, in particular).